Friday: Have yourself a sweet treat!

No recipe today- just a reminder to have something sweet with your sweeties this weekend on Valentine's Day! See you on Monday!


Thursday: Veggie stacks

A quick bite on the go a veggie stack sandwich!

Take your favorite whole grain bread and top it with:

A schmere of hommus
Baby Spinach leaves
Slices of tofu, firm
Sprinkle atop of this:
soy sauce
thinly sliced onions
carrot shavings
and a few sprinkles of freshly ground pepper!

Ingredients may vary - but you get my drift ...


Wednesday: Fruit as a meal

Sometimes it's good to refresh your body with a fruit meal. Simply fruit. When energy is low and you are having some "time off" one can get quite a boost from a mini fast of fruit every two hours for a day. I would not suggest this on a busy rush around kind of day, but more for a Sunday, napping, stretching, yoga sort of day. For me, it works best when I have found a few pieces of choice organic fruit which are my favorites (forelle pears, red grapefruit, bananas and kiwi). Then I plan out my hot bath with lavender oil, naps, a favorite read and quiet music selections. Keeping this day for oneself- or at least a half a day - can refresh you more than you would imagine. Try it!


Tuesday: Roasted Roots Soup (part deux)

Roasted roots make the most lovely soup. Take those Roasted Roots from part one and simply cook them down a bit more on top of the stove. Give them two cups of vegetable broth - and when they are totally softened mash them until smooth. Add a tablespoon or two of olive oil or butter, and mix in - on low heat. And, if you are feeling decadent - a 1/4 cup of cream can be added at the very end .Stir gently until heated through and serve with a nice hearty rye bread or your favorite - baguette!

Monday: Roasted Roots part one

a plate of roasted roots - served with cauliflower seasoned with tumeric
Ah the simple things in life -- root vegetables -- simple to roast, yummy to eat!
Cut up into the same size pieces:
one butternut squash, two turnips, three carrots, four beets and throw in five small garlic cloves, whole if you wish!
Put 1/3 cup of olive oil in a baking dish and then put in the pieces. Sprinkle with coarse sea salt and three or four grinds of black pepper.

Put into a preheated 350F oven. Plan on about an hour or more of roasting. Stir the mixture every 15 mins or so to mix up the flavors a bit and distribute the oil.

After an hour, test the beets with a fork for tenderness. If the fork pierces it easily - they are done and ready to eat!

Simply perfect just the way they are. And filling and good for you too. You can do this on top of the stove in a large frying pan with a lid, but you must must must go with a very low heat and keep it covered. A little water added (a tablespoon) as you go will be helpful too, they won't properly roast if you get too much water involved...