Friday: Fruit day

Nothing gets me through those sweet tooth times like a really ripe pear.
Add to it a little yogurt and some sprinkly goodness and well, heaven!

So all you do:
Whip out your new fancy apple corer. Yes I am a super sucker for fabulous kitchen gadgets. this one however is totally worth it. Core the pear which is so ripe it yields to your touch. Then slice in half. Find a friend for the other side of the pear.

Place the pear in a dish - something pretty is good.
Spoon over the pear a couple of dollops of yogurt. I also think quark would be lovely or maybe even creme fraiche. Then add a sweetener if needed, a drizzle of honey and sprinkle with seeds and or granola bits. Shaved chocolate is always nice, but this was for breakfast ...

Thursday: Breakfast pinhead oats

Nothing like the warmth of steelcut, or pinhead (yes, I love saying that word) oats for a winter's breakfast. It's a simple filling very good for you breakfast with loads of protien and minerals not to mention fiber in a great chewy warm form to get you revved up. Don't be a pinhead, just try it.

For one:

One and a quarter cups filtered water - set to boil and a third a cup of pinhead oats ready to pour.
Once it's boiling add in the oats and stir a couple of times. I like them chewy so I don't cook them for the full 20 mins. I stop them after about 12 minutes or when the water is mostly gone.

Serve them in a beautiful bowl with bananas or today as I did a drizzle of real maple syrup and soymilk. Sometimes a few nuts chopped up in the mix is good too!

Wednesday: Pot o' tea

Wednesday ... awh, it was a rough one... nothing but tea and toastand not much of that either. But remember a good pot of tea is not to be sneezed at. Unless of course you have a cold. ach-ooO!

To make a great pot of tea:

Boil a kettle of filtered water until it whistles!
Have two or three bags of tea or two teaspoons of loose tea into a tea ball ready to go!
When the water is boiled, pour a cup of it into the pot and swirl around to warm the pot.
Dump that out and pop in the tea and fill the pot!
Stir the tea in the pot a few times in the next three minutes and then pour!


Tuesday: An apple a day ...

Wishing it would keep the flu away, but no. It didn't here today.
But I can still offer this applesauce to you today.
Cut up six or more apples into a large saucepan. Do not add water, just add some cinnamon,
nutmeg, and a dash of sugar if you want to...
Stir them and stir them until smooth, smooshing them down as you go!
Eat warm or cool and will keep for a few days in the fridge.


Monday: Baby Kale with beans and champignons

Something green to boost those vitamins and minerals! Easy too ...

Steam one small bunch of baby kale until tender. Make sure to chop off any tough stems parts!

Drain and reserve any kale water for later use in broth. Add three tablespoons of olive oil, one cup of white beans and four sliced mushrooms. Heat through and sprinkle with a tsp of sea salt and ground pepper, mixed with a clove of garlic minced and a hearty dash of tumeric. Top with a couple of squeezes of lemon and enjoy!